What is the most popular costume for 2017 Halloween parties

What is the most popular costume for 2017 Halloween parties

Halloween is around the corner, which means many people are starting to think about what they should wear on this day of spookiness! While witches, princesses, ghosts and goblins always find their way into trick-or-treating festivities, there are a few trendy costumes that you can consider to keep it fresh this year:

Colorful trolls

Towards the end of last year, the popular American 3D animated movie Trolls was launched. You can pick your favorite troll and recreate the look by using a lot of hairspray, hair wax and hair color spray to make yourself look like a troll. If you are trick-or-treating with family and friends, consider rounding up a few people to go as trolls with you.

Wonder Woman

Superheroes will remain a firm favourite for many years to come. Instead of Batwoman, Catwoman or Fiona the princess from Shrek, consider going as Wonder Woman this year. Other strong female characters that are on trend this year include Harley Quinn and Rey.

Game of Thrones

This firm favorite among viewers makes Game of Thrones characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow a great idea this year.

Creepy clowns

The American horror film based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel of the same name was released in the beginning of September 2017. The scary clown continues to haunt many adults’ dreams and we’re sure that the revamp of the movie will lead to many people dressing like the evil clown IT this year.

Food and drinks

If you’re going out for a group, consider recreating your favorite fast food items. By wearing only red and only yellow, for example, two people can look like ketchup and mustard. A third person can then wear a hotdog costume.

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