On National Corn Chip Day, we are all about that corn

On National Corn Chip Day, we are all about that corn

We Are All About That Corn

Attention all foodies! The moment you have been waiting for is almost here. Yes, National Corn Chip Day is upon us.

On January 29th, Americans will celebrate the golden, savory delight that is the corn chip. Although it is a delicious snack, there is so much more to the corn chip that we do not know about. For instance:

  • The first corn chips were sold in 1930. We know them as Fritos.
  • Later in the 1960s, Teresa Hernandez, a Woolworth’s lunch counter cook, took it a step further. The Frito Chili pie was born. Fritos corn chips were combined with chili, beans and cheese creating a delicious snack. And… the Frito Chili pie was born.
  • Corn has not just given us the beloved corn chip. It has been a staple food in many different cultures and cuisines. When Christopher Columbus first set foot on American soil, he returned with a pocket full of corn seeds. He did not bring, however, the knowledge of how to cook it. Europe failed to grasp the complex method of corn preparation. Therefore, corn stayed firmly planted on American soil.
  • The United States is now the largest producer and consumer of corn. It would be easier to list the foods that do not contain corn as corn forms an integral part of almost every dish. Corn is found in:
    • Sodas,
    • Potato Chips,
    • Hamburgers,
    • French Fries,
    • Sauces,
    • Salad Dressings,
    • Baked Goods,
    • Breakfast Cereals,
    • Most Poultry, And
    • Even In fish.

Mexican cuisine is no different. Corn shows up in the archaeological record at the same time Mexicans moved from hunter-gatherer lifestyles to more sedentary, organized lifestyles. Mexicans have always used corn as an essential element in their dishes, for instance:

  • Boiled ears of sweetcorn were served on the streets of Mexico City.
  • Tortillas are “the bread of Mexico” and served as a common base for any meal.
  • Corn has also given us nachos chips and tacos – a beloved version of the corn chip that you should not hesitate to try on National Corn Chip Day.

Come join Ramona’s for a homemade Mexican meal on National Corn Chip Day. Our home-style meals and friendly service will be a perfect way to celebrate the food group you know you cannot live without.

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