So much more than Taco Tuesday! Learn about the spices that give Mexican Cuisine its authentic flavor

So much more than Taco Tuesday! Learn about the spices that give Mexican Cuisine its authentic flavor

Tacos, nachos, and chile… Think that just about sums up Mexican cuisine? Think again! Mexican food is bursting with complex flavors and ingredients that give this cuisine its distinctive and beloved dishes!

Here are just a few spices and seasonings you can expect to find at an authentic Mexican restaurant:

Variety is the spice of life
Most Mexican recipes contain these basic ingredients:

  • Garlic
    Garlic is a staple in the kitchen and is used in most dishes.
  • Cumin
    Cumin has a toasty yet somewhat bitter taste and gives Mexican dishes a certain flavor distinctive to Mexican food and pairs well for seasoning meats.
  • Mexican Oregano
    Mexican Oregano gives an earthy flavor to dishes and pairs well with tomato-base dishes.
  • Chile –
    Mexican food is known for its hot and spicy dishes but Chile is not exclusive to savory dishes.  Even Mexican desserts and sweets can contain a dash of spice. As Mexican food is evolving with the times, you’ll find new combinations like chile peanut brittle, chile chocolate and even chile donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Cinnamon or Chocolate
    The cocoa is native to Mexico and is commonly used to add interesting flavors in popular dishes like Mole and cinnamon can be found in many dishes as well as drinks like Café de la Olla, a Mexican spiced coffee.


Keeping it authentic
While these are just a few of the commonly used spices used in Mexican food there are many more unique ingredients that entice Mexican food lovers and make these dishes unique to all other cuisine in the world.  Authentic Mexican cuisine is knowing how to combine these exotic ingredients into a dish that is beloved by all Mexican food aficionados.

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