Mexican Valentine’s Day Traditions

Mexican Valentine’s Day Traditions

Across the globe, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. In Mexico, people celebrate romance, love, and friendship in exciting ways. Valentine’s Day is known as “Dia de San Valentin” in Mexico and on this day, you will find the streets filled with everything from colorful balloons and flowers to stuffed toys, candy, and chocolate.

“Dia de San Valentin” means “the day of love and friendship” and it’s dedicated to showing your appreciation and affection for a friend or your partner. Much like in many other parts of the world, Valentine’s Day in Mexico is filled with gift giving and romantic dinners. Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday in Mexico, but many people make their way to public spaces and restaurants on this day.

Valentine’s Day originated in Europe, but many other parts of the globe have adopted this day to commemorate love and romance. What makes Valentine’s Day in Mexico a bit different is that friendship and camaraderie are also celebrated. Towards the end of January, you will start seeing shops and restaurants fill their spaces with hearts, balloons, flowers (particularly roses), and other Valentine’s Day themed items.

International visitors and tourists who have been in Mexico during the month of February have described Valentine’s Day as a warm, fun, and generous occasion. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or just want to spend time with close friends, the 14th of February is a great time to book a table at a Mexican restaurant and show your love and affection to the people who are close to you.

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