Mexican Food – Influences Dating Back to The Mayans

Mexican Food – Influences Dating Back to The Mayans

Many of the unique and interesting flavors and ingredients that you will taste in today’s Mexican food dishes were introduced by the ancient Maya civilizations thousands of years ago.  The Mayan Indians’ influence on food is documented in historical Aztec records.

The Maya refers to the indigenous people of Central America and Mexico, with its Empire situated in the tropical lowlands of Guatemala. T hese people settled in the area around 1800 BC and it reached its peak around 5 AD.

The Mayan Indians used to eat a diet based on food sources that were available to them at the time, namely beans, corn, and squash.  An estimated 90% of the Mayan population was involved in agriculture and farming practices.  Some of the fruit that they grew included guavas, sugar-apples, and papayas.  These ingredients are still some of the core ingredients in many of the Mexican dishes that you will eat today.  The Mayan’s diet was influenced by Aztec tribes, who ruled over Mexico in the mid-1300s.  These tribes added ingredients such as honey, chocolate, salt, avocado, tomatoes, and chili peppers to the mix.

A lot of the Mayan dishes that were prepared thousands of years ago are still eaten today.  Salsa is a great example of this as it is still made from the same ingredients namely avocado, chipotle, and tomatoes.  Other examples include the tortilla and tamales, which is still made the same way thousands of years later.

At Ramona’s Mexican Restaurant, we are proud of our heritage and history.  Many of our popular food options are prepared with the same ingredients that ancient Maya civilizations used.  Besides promoting traditional Mexican food, we also specialize in many contemporary forms of Mexican cuisine to give our patrons a one-stop shop for everything they have grown to love about authentic Mexican food.  Visit us for authentic Mexican food today.

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