Learn why Chile Relleno is an important part of Mexican Cuisine

Learn why Chile Relleno is an important part of Mexican Cuisine

Nothing quite says Mexican food like the hot and spicy flavor of chile. In fact, Chiles Rellenos (stuffed chiles) is probably one of the most iconic Mexican dishes. Have you ever wondered why the use of chile is such an important part of Mexican food? Here’s a little info on the history of this special Mexican chile dish to satisfy your curiosity.

A blend of Spanish and indigenous cuisine

Mexican food as we know it today dates to the Spanish conquest in the 1600’s and is a combination of the local indigenous ingredients and spices and a cuisine influenced by the Spanish method of cooking.

Chiles Rellenos is a classic Mexican chile dish, that combines a native vegetable (the chile) stuffed with various ingredients in a European tradition. Covered in an egg batter and deep fried, the flavor of chile gave this Spanish recipe a unique twist. Soon, Chiles Rellenos became one of Mexico’s most popular dishes.

Chile en Nogada, the Poblano chile and the nuns of Puebla

A history of Mexican chile wouldn’t be complete without talking about Puebla. Poblano chiles are traditionally used to make Chiles Rellenos and is believed to have originated from the state of Puebla.

Legend has it, however, that it was the nuns of Puebla who first made the dish Chile en Nogada and served it to Agustin de Iturbide in 1821 after he finally defeated the Spanish Army to gain Mexico’s independence from Spain. At a local celebration, the nuns made Chiles Rellenos in a walnut sauce (Nogal is the Spanish word for walnut tree) sprinkled with parsley and pomegranate seeds. The resulting color palette of red, white, and green has made Chiles en Nogada one of Mexico’s most patriotic dishes.

Eat authentic Mexican chile at a Mexican restaurant

While legends more often consist of half facts rather than the absolute truth, one thing cannot be doubted: Mexican food is delicious, visually striking and permeated with the spicy taste of chile.

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