Healthy, delicious catering options for schools from our chefs

Healthy, delicious catering options for schools from our chefs

With back to school season just around the corner, many parents, schools, and cafeteria supervisors are looking for nutritional food options for kids. As most adults know, you can’t make a youngster eat something just because it’s healthy. Kid-friendly food must taste good and visually appeal to them (and parents want to make sure their kids’ nutritional requirements are being met!), which is why Mexican food is a great option.

At the much-loved Mexican restaurant Ramona’s, where many families come to dine, we have perfected the fine art of making Mexican food a favorite cuisine for all kids. One way that we do this is by focusing on finger foods. Kids love being able to easily choose finger food from an easy-to-navigate plate. Some finger-friendly food options that many kids enjoy are nachos, burritos, and tacos which can parents can layer and disguise with protein and vegetables options and still appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

At home, there are many ways to take the favorite Mexican food kids love to eat and pack it with even more healthy, nutrient dense ingredients. Try adding ingredients like chicken and spinach or turkey and spinach to cheese quesadillas and serve with a side of guacamole and seasonal fruit.  Serve a make it yourself Taco bar at home with lots of fresh veggie options.  You can even take age old favorites like pizza, for example, and give it a Mexican flair by adding protein packed beans and meat.

About our burrito and lunch initiatives

Did you know that Ramona’s Mexican food caters local school menus?  We take pride in serving our local community and its children by producing a high quality nutritious option.  For example, in the Compton School District, Ramona’s produces approximately 8,000 specially made 3-oz bean/cheese/potato burritos for school breakfast and lunch programs.  We specially produce a 60% whole grain tortilla and ensure that our delicious burrito follow and meet the state nutritional guidelines.  We then partner with Better 4 You, a natural food company, to serve our burritos with a healthy fruit and beverage option and deliver fresh to schools for their students.

Whether you’re looking for a great restaurant where you can take the whole family or are looking for a supplier for your school or daycare, contact Ramona’s Mexican Food for more information about nutritional food options for children.

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