We’re the perfect spot for your pre-Hamilton dinner!

We’re the perfect spot for your pre-Hamilton dinner!

It’s official – Hamilton is coming to LA! Hamilton will premiere at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre from Friday August 11, 2017 right through to the end of December. And if you’re as excited as we are, then you’ve already got your tickets booked and are counting down the days until curtains up.

As we’re sure you already know, Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of our country’s lesser known founding fathers. What makes this award-winning show so enjoyable and popular, is the retelling of Revolutionary history from a totally new perspective; set against a fantastic musical backdrop of modern genres including rap, hip-hop, and pop.

Hamilton is a celebration in every sense of the word. So, why not get the party started early with a little authentic Mexican food at Ramona’s? Our Crenshaw Boulevard restaurant is located just down the road from the Hollywood Pantages, plus our spicy and vibrant menu is just what you need to get you in the mood before show time.

Why celebrate at Ramona’s before you see Hamilton?

Hamilton is all about the American Revolution, and Mexican food is, well, Mexican… but there are -so many things that the two have in common:

  • Fun and flamboyant

Hamilton is a musical extravaganza, fast moving and full of fun. You’ll find a similar vibe at Ramona’s where you can really let your hair down with family and friends while enjoying scrumptious, freshly prepared Mexican food.

  • Optimism at its best

Have you ever been to a Mexican restaurant and felt sad afterward? No! That’s because Mexican culture is incredibly optimistic! At Ramona’s this attitude was felt by our founder Romana Acosta Banuelos when she first opened her doors and is still alive today with the family that carries her fine tradition in each of Ramona’s restaurants. The same sentiment goes for Hamilton: optimism is a major theme that winds its way through the tale with dashes of humor and uplifting, memorable songs.

  • It’s a feast!

The great thing about Mexican food the way we do it at Ramona’s is that all our authentic recipes are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds – before heading off to give your eyes and ears a treat at Hamilton.

There’s no better way to start off your Hamilton evening with a visit to Ramona’s Mexican Restaurant. Visit anyone of our locations today!

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