Ramona’s Announces the Addition of a New Breakfast Burrito to Their Gardena Menu

Los Angeles area Mexican food favorite Ramona’s expands their morning offerings with a new breakfast burrito

Gardena, California, Jun. 15, 2016 — Breakfast at Ramona’s just got a lot more tempting for customers throughout Southern California. The new breakfast burrito served up by this authentic Mexican restaurant, which has been a staple in the L.A. area for decades, is sure to entice a new crowd of morning diners looking to enjoy a classic Sonoran meal.

Building on the success of their previous burrito line, Ramona’s created this burrito with eggs, sausage and beans, based off an authentic homemade Mexican recipe. Consumers in the L.A. region who have already experienced the Ramona’s line of lunch and dinner burritos will be very pleased with this new menu item.

Gardena customers will also be happy to hear that Ramona’s also offers chilaquiles at the restaurant’s original location, offering up another slice of traditional Mexican cuisine that is relatively uncommon in many areas. These delicious tortilla triangles are served with salsa, crema, and onion, making them popular with those looking for a slightly lighter breakfast or lunch.

Ramona’s also offers customer catering options for those looking for authentic Mexican cuisine at a location of their choice. Catering is available throughout the L.A. region, and the service menu includes the famous Ramona’s brand burritos, as well as other classic Mexican foods such as enchilada and taquito platters, and over half a dozen different entree items.

Contact Ramona’s directly for further information.

About Ramona’s

Founded in 1947 in Los Angeles, CA, Ramona’s has grown from a small factory and restaurant in South Central Los Angeles to one of the most acclaimed authentic Mexican food production companies in California. From that one store in the 1950s, Ramona’s has spread to five different locations in the Southern California area and has expanded their offerings into the catering industry. Today, Ramona’s food can be found throughout the L.A. area at Smart & Final Supermarkets.

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