Ramona’s Announces Catering Services for Their Authentic Mexican Food

New catering services by Mexican restaurant Ramona’s, offers customers authentic Mexican food service at a special discounted catering price.

Gardena, California, Jun. 15, 2016 — Having a catered authentic Mexican meal at an event is something not often seen, but greatly appreciated by those who enjoy real Mexican food. Ramona’s brings their authentic style of cuisine straight from their kitchen to their customers’ weddings and parties, allowing guests to get a taste of genuine Mexican cooking.

Ramona’s is offering a discount off of their catering services, hoping to reach a wider audience and expand their signature brand of Mexican cooking. With Ramona’s, all ingredients are freshly sourced, while the tortillas are handmade without using any preservatives. Beef found in the numerous entrees available is all USDA Choice quality, providing customers with a flavorful experience that will satisfy their taste buds.

Catering customers have the chance to pick from more than half a dozen different main courses, as well as several side dishes. Traditional Mexican favorites such as refried beans and tostadas are available, not to mention Ramona’s signature burritos, cooked from hand made tortillas.

Ramona’s catering services stem from their restaurant experience, with five locations throughout the L.A. area. Millions of people have dined at their local Ramona’s restaurant, enjoying dishes such as burritos, tacos, tamales, and much more. The Ramona’s brand has become so popular throughout Southern California that it is possible to purchase pre-made burritos at dozens of supermarkets in the region.

About Ramona’s

Founded in 1947 in Los Angeles, CA, Ramona’s has grown from a small factory and restaurant in South Central Los Angeles to one of the most acclaimed authentic Mexican food production companies in California. From that one store in the 1950s, Ramona’s has spread to five different locations in the Southern California area and has expanded their offerings into the catering industry. Today, Ramona’s food can be found throughout the L.A. area at Smart & Final Supermarkets.

For more information, please visit http://www.ramonas.com

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