Plan a delicious Mexican feast to celebrate Labor Day with family and friends

Are you getting ready to enjoy the Labor Day weekend with good food, family, and friends? Labor Day this year falls on September 4th, and that’s just around the corner.  Summer break is officially coming to an end and this could well be your last chance to light the barbecue for an outdoor feast in a time honored American tradition.

Why not really go out with a bang this year? Add some spice to your Labor Day celebrations! Yes, we’re talking about a Labor Day barbecue with a Mexican Twist!

At Ramona’s Mexican Food, we have some great ideas for a Mexican style barbecue:

  • Tacos on the grill
    Throw some carne asada, marinated flank steak, on the barbecue.   Make sure it’s first marinated in a delicious citrus and spicy recipe.  Try a mixture of crushed garlic, limes, orange, minced jalapenos, cilantro, salt and pepper and let it marinate overnight.  When the meat is done grilling, slice the meat and fill corn tortillas with meat, chopped onions and fresh cilantro and top with your favorite salsa.  Or through the chopped meat onto a tostada shell with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, beans, guacamole and a spicy salsa on top!
  • Extra spicy chicken wings
    One of the awesome things about Mexican food is the complex flavors that come from a fusion of spices. Make a spicy rub with chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, cumin, salt, sugar, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Rub into chicken wings and grill them over hot coals until done.
  • Salsa and salad on the side
    Add some variety to your Mexican Labor Day celebrations with authentic Mexican side dishes such as guacamole, spice it up with a red chipotle salsa and green tomatillo salsa, and make your garden salads extra special by sprinkling it with Cotija (a Mexican cheese similar to Feta).
  • Mexican corn on the cob
    This is an absolute must at any barbecue! It is so easy to prepare and is the perfect addition to a Mexican feast. Just grill corn until it is slightly charred, roll in melted butter or mayonnaise, and sprinkle with Cotija cheese and Tajin seasoning.  Serve with wedges of lime.
  • Anyone for Margaritas?
    Now, what would a Labor Day celebration be without Mexico’s most famous summer cocktail? Simply blend a shot or two of Tequila with crushed ice, a lime/sugar mix, and rim the glass with a chili powder and salt mixture for an extra punch.  Try experimenting with flavors by adding different fruits to the mix – how about a pomegranate or watermelon margarita?

Labor Day may mean the end of summer, but it doesn’t have to be the end of enjoying good Mexican food with family and friends.  If you’re craving genuine Mexican food, pop round to Ramona’s Mexican Restaurant. Contact us for more information today.

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