It’s still hot outside; be cool with our frozen burritos

It’s still hot outside; be cool with our frozen burritos

Are you a retailer looking for an authentic Mexican burrito supplier? Do you simply want a stash of great tasting burritos with a strong following that customers are looking for to fill their freezer all the time?  Then Ramona’s has the solution. We offer a wide range of tasty burritos that customers love. Some of our options include:

  • Potato & beef burritos
  • Hot green chile burritos with potato and cheese
  • Chile Relleno burrito with cheddar stuffed chile
  • Picadillo burrito with ground beef & potato
  • Bean and cheese burritos
  • Beef and bean burritos

Why people love our burritos
We’ve rounded up some of the top reasons why people love burritos:

  • We’ve been around for over 70 years!
    Since we were founded, our customers have enjoyed a high quality, authentically made burrito that cannot be found anywhere else.  We have never compromised on the quality of our ingredients nor the authentic recipe we have served for almost a century.  That’s why our customers love us.
  • Easy to heat, and great on-the-run food
    People are busy and always looking for healthy easy options when they are travelling between meetings or jumping to the next class.  They want quick, easy to make and take options that will keep them going all day.   Our burritos make great on-the-go food for busy people who don’t want to sacrifice on good food.
  • Variety
    It’s easy to get sick-and-tired of eating the same food every day. But we offer so many different burrito options that you can basically kick any burrito lover’s craving.

Customers love our food and want more!
We get calls and request daily for our authentic food to be shipped to our loyal customers.  We are working hard to make our food available wherever and whenever they’re in the mood.  We currently sell our line of burritos at Smart n Final and 7 Eleven stores in Southern California.  We also produce specialty items Just walk into a store today and if you don’t see your favorite option, ask them to order it.

Need more information about frozen burritos or other products we sell?  Contact Ramona’s Mexican Food today.

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