Independence Day Food Recipe Ideas

Independence Day Food Recipe Ideas

Independence Day is just around the corner and your favorite Mexican restaurant (Ramonas!) knows our customers are probably looking for party ideas. We also know that no party is complete without a great spread of food. Here are a few great party food ideas for Independence Day:

Tri colour pasta

Make a multi-colored pasta dish with 1 packet of penne pasta and ½ cup cream for every color pasta. Cooking method:

  •  Cook the pasta in boiling water with some salt. Drain and set aside.
    •    Divide the pasta in 3 equal bowls.
    •    Make the above sauces in advance. Use three pans heat the sauce with few drops of olive oil
    •    Add ½ cup cream to all these sauces and toss the penne.
    •    Serve and enjoy the tri color pasta.

Deluxe burgers

Hamburgers are probably one of the most proudly American dishes you can get. Make your Independence Day party memorable by creating hamburgers with extra oomph. Here are some ideas:

  • Blue cheese burger: Prepare a deluxe burger recipe with creamy blue cheese, fried onions and watercress.
  • Tokyo burger: Top your burger off with avocados and beets.
  • Lamb burger: Add a Mediterranean wow-factor to your lamb burgers by adding pine nuts, garlic, radicchio and parsley on top.
  • Chickpea burgers for vegetarians: Flavor your chickpea burgers with carrots, hazelnuts, red peppers, cilantro and thyme.

Dessert ideas

Your fourth of July party should be all-American this year. Some great dessert options include firm favorites such as whoopee pies and strawberry shortcake. Add even more Americanisms to your dessert tray by baking star shaped cookies!

Drinks and shots

Get everyone into part mode with blue, red and white shots (plain Jell-O shots for the kids and vodka shots for the adults!)

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