How exactly to Introduce Your Self in Korean. Ways and heritage in Korea for fulfilling brand New individuals in Korea

How exactly to Introduce Your Self in Korean. Ways and heritage in Korea for fulfilling brand New individuals in Korea

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Whenever you meet a brand new Korean person, you’ll would you like to introduce yourself and also make little talk. So learning simple tips to introduce your self in Korean is vital!

How you’ll present yourself in Korean will change on the basis of the situation, you can be got by us started regarding the principles. Include to these according to your circumstances. Let’s get going!

It’s good to debate a few points in the ways and tradition in Korea first. Once you’ve discovered them, we’ll get yourself started how exactly to introduce yourself in Korean!

1. Before whatever else, greet them by saying ?????.

It is necessary in Korean tradition to be polite and show respect towards other people. Very very First impressions are everything.

2. Bow while you greet them.

That is a indication of respect and politeness. If you’re currently acquainted then only a head nod have to do.

3. In the event that you shake arms, make use of your hand that is right or fingers.

Once you shake arms, make use of your right hand or both fingers. It is possible to show more respect by bowing and touching your remaining hand to your right or getting your belly together with your remaining hand.

4. Address them by their name or household title.

Koreans usually do not relate to one another by their very very very first title they often go by ‘??’, ‘??’ and so on unless they are close and even then. They say otherwise when you are meeting a new person use their title or family name unless.

Fundamental Greetings in Korean

The greeting is a important component to introduce your self in Korean! They are the basic principles of what you could utilize, both in the formal and standard methods for saying them. You can learn here in about 1 hour if you don’t know how to read the Korean Alphabet yet.


????? (annyeong haseyo)


“It’s nice to generally meet you! ” =

?? ????? (cheoeum bwepkesseumnida)


“It’s nice to meet up with you! ” =

??? ????? (mannaseo bangapseumnida)


???? ______??? (je ireumeun ______imnida)

Presenting Your Actual Age in Korean. Age makes a difference that is big your interactions in Korea.

You intend to make use of more formal and language that is polite introductions for folks in a greater social place (your employer, your elders, etc. ) and will utilize standard Korean once you introduce your self in Korean with those people who are the exact same age or more youthful than you.


?? ______???? (jeoneun ______sarimnida)


?? ______???? (jeoneun ______sarieyo)

Please be aware that you should use the native Korean Number System as you introduce your age. We now have a complete guide for Korean figures right right here. But here’s a fast refresher if you really need it.

Introducing Where You Stand From in Korean

A thing that will show up whenever you introduce yourself in Korean, your lover should probably know where you’re from.


?? ______?? ???? (jeoneun ______eseo wasseumnida)


“I am from…” =

?? ______?? ?? (jeoneun ______eseo wasseoyo)

Example Countries

You are able to fill when you look at the blank with all the country that relates to you. For lots more countries you can examine our post on how to state “country” in Korean.

United states of america = ?? (miguk)

Canada = ??? (khaenada)

Great britain = ?? (yeongguk)

Australia = ?? (hoju)

The Philippines = ??? (philliphin)

Singapore = ??? (singgaphol)

Launching Your Career in Korean

Work is crucial in Korean tradition plus it’s more likely to show up whenever you introduce your self in Korean. Either through your self-introduction or as concern when you complete.


“I am a_ that is____” =

?? ______??? (jeoneun ______imnida)


“I am a_ that is____” =

?? ______???/?? (jeoneun ______iyeyo/yeyo)

You need to use this sentence to introduce yourself in Korean also to describe your career. Simply change the X in what you intend to state.

Example Occupations

Pupil = ?? (haksaeng)

Instructor = ??? (seonsaengnim)

Engineer = ???? (enjinieo)

Part-timer = ?????? (areubaiteusaeng)

Web-developer = ? ??? (wep gaebalja)

Nurse =(kanhosa that is ???

Hairdresser = ??? (miyongsa)

Sales person = ?? ?? (yeongeob sawon)

Clerk = ??? (samuwon)

Discussion Topics

When you introduce yourself in Korean and complete with all the fundamental concerns Koreans will ask, you might like to introduce various other topics to help keep the discussion going. Check out fundamental sentences you may use.


“I learned Korean in…” =

?? ______?? ???? ????? (jeoneun ______eseo hangukeoreul baeweosseumnida)


“I discovered Korean in…” =

?? ______?? ???? ???? (jeoneun ______eseo hangukeoreul baeweosseoyo)


“I live in…” =

?? ______?? ?? ???? (jeoneun ______eseo salgo isseumnida)


“I live in…” =

?? ______?? ?? ??? (jeoneun ______eseo salgo isseoyo)

? ??? ______???/?? (je chwimineun ______ieyo/yeyo)

“…is one of my hobbies” =

______?/? ? ?? ? ???? (______eun/neun je chwimi jung hanayeyo)

Listing of Hobbies

Reading = ?? (dokseo)

Cooking =(yori that is ??

Hiking = ?? (deungsan)

Soccer = ?? (chuggu)

Baseball = ?? (nonggu)

Baseball = ?? (yagu)

Piano = ??? (phiano)

Guitar = ?? (githa)

If you are searching for more, discover our resources that are fantastic learning Korean right here.

Do you will find today’s tutorial helpful? Training presenting your self into the responses and now we’ll respond with the manner in which you did!

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