Celebrating 90 Many Years Of Provider. Celebrating 90 years of user solution

Celebrating 90 Many Years Of Provider. Celebrating 90 years of user solution

Just a couple of years back Priority One Credit Union survived the great recession, one thing a great many other Credit Unions could perhaps perhaps not endure.

Our company is proud to state that your particular Credit Union is economically strong and it has a future that is great.

We wonder in the event that very first 17 people ever envisioned that people would develop in order to become a $157 million lender serving over 20,000 people.

The first ATMs were installed at the then GMF and Worldway facilities.

The Credit Union joined the Co-Op ATM system to permit our people the capability of utilizing over 30,000 ATMs– that is nationwide surcharge.

The Credit Union introduced “in-house” on the countertop check processing.

We presently provide account to united states of america Postal provider workers and their loved ones from the Bishop County line towards the Arizona edge; we provide account to workers and their loved ones to significantly more than 20 choose Employer Groups (SEG’s) ; you can expect account to those living, used, going to college, or worshiping in the San Fernando Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley as well as the City of Southern Pasadena.

The day that is modern, including William Harris, John Weston and Charles Wiggington, the existing President/CEO all contributed in to the development of products being in charge of the monetary fitness of Priority One Credit Union.

Mission Statement

To greatly help our member-owners and workers achieve financial physical physical fitness. We have been devoted to providing quality items and solutions that assistance you winnings with cash.

Inexpensive Dinar

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